How Our Classes Work

How Our Classes Work

Most people come to our site either because of a court order, employment requirement or personal growth. We consider ourselves the best online anger management class online. There are also some District and City Attorneys across the United States who refer exclusively to us. We also have a reputation as the safest online anger management website--that means if anything goes wrong we are are an establish business with customer support. Here is how our program works.

Once enrolled, just follow these steps below to begin your journey:

  • Choose your online class module
  • Click on the "Click to access Course Lesson" link (this will bring you to the first slide. Mobile user click here for our mobile site

From here, you can adjust the audio for easy listening

  • When a slide is finished simply click the right arrow to see the next page
  • Stop when you'd like, log in and out as you need
  • When you have finished, close the presentation
  • Click the "Take Quiz" button next on the initial screen
  • Take the corresponding true or false quiz
  • Evaluate your scores
  • If you pass, move on to the next module and quiz. If not, retake this test until you receive a satisfactory grade.
  • Instantly download your certificate on completion. That means if you complete this class at 3 am your certificate will be ready at 3 am. No waiting for someone one to verify your scores and email you a certificate.

Get great security features with Conflict Coaching & Consulting

Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditation :

The BBB has given our company an "A" rating because of our ability to resolve customer complaints, meaning if you have an issue with our service, we'll make it our top priority to ensure it's resolved to your satisfaction.

Secure website :

We take extra steps to ensure your payment details are kept private and secure when you conduct business with us.

Still have questions? Call 704-804-0841 to learn how you can master your anger today. Our representatives are always eager to provide assistance.